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Getting Families off the Streets and into Secure Housing

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis strengthens families and works to end poverty and homelessness in the Twin Cities. Annually serving 37,000 people regardless of faith, Catholic Charities provides programs for children, families, and adults most in need. Additionally, Catholic Charities’ Office for Social Justice works with state lawmakers, Catholic parishes, citizens, and other nonprofit organizations to advocate for the needs of those living in poverty. McKnight provides operating support to Catholic Charities, within our Region and Communities program strategy to assist multiservice organizations that provide broad services to families and individuals. Among the work supported are the programs at Catholic Charities’ Family Service Center in Maplewood.

“It’s been great to have our own room and to have childcare opportunities for my daughter.” —TATIANA

Before coming to the Family Service Center, Tatiana and her three-year-old daughter, Ta’Bria, spent a week sleeping in a church basement, with little privacy or comfort. At the Center, they have their own bedroom and bathroom, and access to three meals a day, job search assistance, and onsite medical and dental care.

“Staying here has helped us out a lot,” Tatiana says. “It’s been great to have our own room and to have childcare opportunities for my daughter.”

For up to 30 consecutive nights, families experiencing homelessness in Ramsey County can use the Center’s resources for housing and to search for employment during the transition from homelessness to stable housing. Transportation assistance is also provided to support parents throughout the process, and parenting education and life skills training are available for adults, as well as tutoring for children.

“It’s been hard. It’s just nice to know that we have a place and we’re cared for here,” Anderson says. In the past year, the Family Service Center provided temporary, secure housing and transitional services for more than 300 families, giving families a place to stay while they get back on their feet.

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October 2012

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