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Strong, vibrant communities start with stable housing.

Yet with rising rent and stagnant wages, many people live one misstep away from losing their home—a broken car, a sick child, or job loss can send someone down the road to eviction.

In Minnesota, over 16,000 evictions are filed each year, with devastating consequences.

So how can we prevent evictions? Here are three ideas:

One, we can improve access to emergency funds. Missed rent is a factor in nearly all evictions, often just a payment or two. A bit of cash can buy families time to get back on their feet, preventing eviction and possible homelessness.

Another strategy is mediation.

Mediated landlord-tenant agreements succeed 75% of the time, and are less likely to result in eviction.

Mediation helps tenants and landlords, and taxpayers, saving everyone time and money.

Third: Stand up for renters.

Neighbors can embrace renters and advocate for their legal protection.

With a roof over their heads, children perform better in school, workers can focus on their jobs, neighborhoods become safer, and everyone benefits!

These ideas are just a few places to start. We ultimately need comprehensive solutions to make sure people of all income levels have a place to call home.

Additional Resources:
    • Feel free to share this video widely or use as a resource in your community. You can share the link or download the video by following the link and clicking the download button under the video.
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