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The Hill | Stop Denigrating Black People and Start Loving Them

As we celebrate Black History Month, McKnight President Tonya Allen says it is time to make a pledge to support Black people’s long-held aspirations to L.O.V.E.—live, own, vote and excel—freely, in an op-ed for The Hill.

It boils down to this: Value people for their full humanity. Take the time to understand the Black community’s dreams, not just the issues that serve as nightmares. This isn’t about being charitable or kind. This is about learning to define Black people by their aspirations and contributions, so that we can more readily recognize the policies and practices that oppose those worthy aspirations and meaningful contributions. Let’s grow the movement to lift people up rather than put them down with the Black L.O.V.E. pledge.


Topic: Diversity Equity & Inclusion

February 2022

English (Canada)