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Three Artists Share their Springboard Stories

Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts is an economic and community development organizations for artists and by artists. They work to build stronger communities, neighborhoods, and economies, believing that artists are an important leverage point in that work. They aim to cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life. Below are testimonies of artists who have worked with Springboard for the Arts to advance their careers.

Sarah Nassif, Visual Artist
I am so glad to be taking advantage of the professional consulting resource at Springboard. Having access to a more experienced artist gives me a place to sort through the different opportunities I have before me, wisely prioritize them and strategize how to fund other ideas I’m working on. No number of hours on the Internet can replace the one-on-one, in-person mentoring experience. Artist Resources Director Andy Sturdevant has already helped me clarify my top goals and connected me to resources around town like the Midway Contemporary Art library. It’s a very real feeling of support on what is often a nerve-wracking journey toward making my living, and life, as an artist.

“No number of hours on the Internet can replace the one-on-one, in-person mentoring experience.” —SARAH NASSIF, VISUAL ARTIST

David Evan Thomas, Composer
Springboard has been a reliable resource for me from my earliest days in the Twin Cities, the early 1990s. Over the years, I have received assistance with bookkeeping, copyright, legal issues and healthcare.

As a part of my 2013 McKnight Fellowship, I engaged Springboard to assist the drawing up of my first will and health proxy, something I felt needed urgent attention. The sudden terminal illness of one of our most prominent local composers had brought into sharp focus my need as a single person to prepare for the inevitable, and to provide a clear repository for my work. Springboard connected me to Chase Buzzell of Levon Chase, PLLC, who provided excellent counsel at a very reasonable price. Also as part of that dialogue, I was interviewed by Nadja Baer for her article on artist-legacy issues. Program Director of Artist Development Noah Keesecker spent several hours with me, examining my web site and my approach to email marketing. The path is as unique as the artist, but Springboard assists with the rest stops, refueling and accommodations that are a necessary part of any journey.

Christina Ham, Playwright
As a McKnight Advancement Fellow at the Playwrights’ Center one of the most integral parts of my fellowship year was being able to take advantage of the Artist’s Field Guide program at Springboard for the Arts and working with Noah Keesecker to help me with my long-awaited design of my professional web site. Noah was incredibly well-versed in all matters that involved various web site hosting and design options, and he also aided me in expanding my knowledge about various social media platforms and which ones would be most beneficial to me during that stage of my career. I can’t imagine not having had the opportunity to utilize this service that not only provided me with the ability to learn how to brand and promote myself in a more dynamic way during my fellowship year, but it also has given me knowledge in this area to utilize going forward during my career in the arts.

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January 2017

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