Seth Gagnon joined McKnight in June 2022 as a systems engineer with the Information Technology team. In this role, he ensures the stability and success of several platforms, including VPN, Office365, Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, and wireless. Seth has worked in service to McKnight since July 2021 as a contract systems engineer, and helped the Foundation assess critical server, network, and disaster recovery infrastructure and implement updates.

Seth enjoys the opportunity to learn new things and grow as an individual at McKnight while providing colleagues and the organization the stable technology and tools they need to effect change in the community.

Prior to McKnight, Seth served several organizations in roles ranging from intern to senior systems engineer. A reliable and outgoing project manager, Seth is skilled at finding system efficiencies, training team members and staff, and solving problems. He was trained in Microsoft servers and a wide variety of applications, such as Oracle, SQL, and Exchange, and has extensive experience with network and wireless management, server and workstation installations, and cable management.

Seth has a bachelor of science degree in information technology from St. Mary’s University and associate degrees in information technology from Hennepin Technical College and Mesabi Range Community and Technical College. He grew up on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota and has lived in the Twin Cities since 2006.

Favorite quote: “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people—that they’re basically good and smart—and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”Steve Jobs