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Grantee Database

This database contains a representative list of grants approved since 2004. Grants appear alphabetically by organization name, with most recent grants first. Unless otherwise specified, grants are for general operating support.
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Minneapolis SafeZone Collaborative

Minneapolis MN
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to build capacity and leverage leadership partnership between the Minneapolis Downtown Council, the East Town Business Partnership, and 2020 Partners for implementation of 2025 Intersections Plan

Program Area: Region & Communities
Year Approved: 2017
Grant Amount: $150,000

to support implementation of the 2025 Intersections Plan land development strategies for East Downtown and to execute a district branding initiative into a business and residential recruitment strategy

Program Area: Region & Communities
Year Approved: 2015
Grant Amount: $100,000

to build capacity of the Minneapolis Downtown Council and East Downtown Council to partner in creating a more equitable downtown economy

Program Area: Region & Communities
Year Approved: 2014
Grant Amount: $50,000