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This RBC Global Asset Management fund buys local bonds, such as for the Midtown Exchange, a pivotal neighborhood revitalization project in Minneapolis. The redevelopment's Midtown Global Market is home to minority- and women-owned businesses, and 81% of the housing units in the complex are for low-income tenants.

$10 million; originated March 2017

This fixed income fund purchases bonds that support affordable housing and community development, and service low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. While generating national, diversified fixed income returns for McKnight, the fund uses our investment dollars to purchase Minnesota bonds. We joined the Minnesota Council on Foundations in this first-of-its-kind “Minnesota sleeve” to encourage foundations, endowments and family offices to participate in local impact investing.

Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate and US Securitized Bond Indexes

Asset Owner

Financial Returns: Too early to evaluate

Social & Environmental Impact: The fund's $18 million Minnesota sleeve purchased:

  • 70% Mortgage-backed bonds from low to moderate income homes
  • 14% Health care facilities and nursing homes
  • 14% Affordable multi-family rental housing
  • 2% Small Business Administration-backed loans

Peer Investor

The McKnight Foundation endowment provides opportunities – besides making grants – to support housing and business development nonprofits. This investment may purchase bonds originated by our grantees. That helps organizations lighten their balance sheets, borrow more money, and take on new projects.

 As of November 2017

Photo Credits: (Top) Tony Webster, Flickr Creative Commons

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