That night we got the letter, we couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden, just like that,they told us we have 1 month to leave.”

– Resident, Normandale Lake Estates

What happens when we don’t prioritize decent affordable housing in our communities?

Across the Twin Cities, rents are rising and vacancy rates are falling, making it extremely difficult for renters to find safe, decent housing. As property buyers take advantage of a hot market for apartment buildings, that’s pushing out long-term residents—among them, the people living at Normandale Lake Estates. Just days after a new owner purchased the complex, some residents received a one-month notice to vacate. Now other families, some who have lived there for decades, are afraid they will be next. It’s just one sign of a deepening affordable housing shortage that threatens our families, our communities, and the economic vitality of our metro area.

Watch this video to hear the stories of the senior citizens and families who fear losing their homes. Be a part of the solution and help our partners—the Minnesota Housing PartnershipAeonGreater Minnesota Housing Fund—spread the word.