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Article: McKnight Foundation launches climate and energy program, announces $25M in grants

‚ÄčApril 9, 2013 - Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest‚Äč. McKnight has announced a new regionally based  focus on climate and energy issues and $25 million in grants to two longtime partners working in that area.

Through its new Midwest Climate and Energy program, the foundation will award grants to organizations working to advance climate and energy policy at the regional level; boost community-level efforts that promote energy and transportation efficiency; and assist private-sector leaders and networks working to develop, promote, and implement climate and energy objectives for the region. To that end, the foundation awarded $20 million over two years to the Energy Foundation in support of the latter's efforts to promote clean energy policies in the Midwest, and $5 million over two years to RE-AMP in support of its efforts to promote policies in the Upper Midwest region that advance clean energy and combat climate change...

Read the full article at the Foundation Center online.