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Mu Performing Arts co-founder Rick Shiomi wins top McKnight award

May 14, 2015 - As the co-founder of Mu Performing Arts wins a lifetime achievement award, he’s hatching plans for a new multicultural theater company.

Rick Shiomi was so determined to create an Asian-American theater company in the Twin Cities that he cold-called in person at restaurants, churches — wherever he could find a gathering of people with Asian blood — to ask if anyone wanted to do some acting.

Nearly 25 years later, his dream long since realized, the playwright and co-founder of Mu Performing Arts has won the McKnight Foundation’s prestigious Distinguished Artist Award for 2015.

Shiomi helped build Mu into one of the nation’s largest and most esteemed Asian-American ensembles. This fall, two years after leaving Mu, he plans to launch a new company, Full Circle, with four partners from diverse backgrounds ...

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