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Planting Creativity: Artists, Place and Transit

August 28, 2014

McKnight president Kate Wolford appears in a new Springboard / TPT video, "Planting Creativity: Artists, Place, & Transit," addressing how the arts help build resilience during negative disruption and inspire innovation when things are going well.

Faced with major light rail construction, neighborhood businesses and artists revitalize distressed communities through art and collaboration in the Irrigate Creative Placemaking project. Hundreds of creative projects, from massive murals to small cabaret performances, change public perception from doom-and-gloom to surprise and possibility.

The video includes stories from Old Rondo, Little Mekong, and Lowertown. Irrigate is a partnership of Springboard for the Arts, Local Initiatives Support Corporation - Twin Cities and the City of Saint Paul, with major funding from ArtPlace. 

Produced by Springboard for the Arts with Twin Cities Public Television - Minnesota Productions & Partnerships
Directed by Dawn Mikkelson for Emergence Pictures
Original Broadcast: 08/24/2014
Length: 26 minutes, 41 seconds.