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2004 Grantee Perception Report

October 2004

In late 2003 the Center for Effective Philanthropy surveyed a portion of our grantees about the quality of their relationships with us, our grantmaking processes and administration, and the overall impact of our work. The results—linked below—provide valuable insight into how our community partners perceive and experience the Foundation; we are grateful to the 278 respondents for their time.

We were happy to learn that many of our grantees feel we make a significant positive impact on their organizations, the fields in which they work, and in the broader community. But we also learned that we sometimes interact and communicate inconsistently with our grantees. Our grantees rated the Foundation only average in terms of their comfort approaching us, the overall responsiveness of our staff, and the fairness with which we treat grantees. We take these issues seriously, and would like to hear from you too. Please contact us if you have ideas about how we might improve any of our operations.

2004 Grantee Perception Report

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