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News: McKnight and HousingLink announce 2011 housing baseline measures

‚ÄčDecember 21, 2012 - McKnight and HousingLink release fourth iteration of Minnesota Baseline Housing Measures report.

In 2007, McKnight's board reviewed and adopted an affordable housing evaluation framework designed to foster mutual accountability for results between McKnight and its grantee-partners.

The baselines and outcome measures were developed over a six-month iterative process of sharing and learning. Key partners and data experts were consulted to review and improve the framework and determine how to best capture progress towards the McKnight goals, as well as provide useful information for the affordable housing field.

McKnight grantee HousingLink was commissioned to establish quantitative baseline measures in seven areas, with a plan to trend information over time to track progress towards short- and long-term outcomes.

Now in its fourth iteration, HousingLink's latest report reviews five years of data to draw out trends in federal and state funding, foreclosures, and innovative strategies to maximize return on investment in affordable housing.

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