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Our Voice: Kate Wolford: Partnering with the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

June 9, 2011

For nearly 60 years, The McKnight Foundation has sought to improve the quality of life for present and future generations. Through grantmaking, coalition-building, and encouragement of strategic policy reform, we use our resources to attend, unite, and empower those we serve. In 2010, McKnight's board directed about 59 percent of funding to efforts in Minnesota; 23 percent outside Minnesota; and 18 percent outside the U.S. Program interests include child and youth development, regional development, the arts and artists, the environment, and climate change.

With limited resources, McKnight's programs seek to provide support where we believe we can have the greatest impact. In many cases, this requires that we attend to underserved communities. The many ways we go about this include the Foundation's support:

Additionally, McKnight's board has long recognized the power of pursuing lasting, systemic change through advocacy, community organizing, and civic engagement. Often working through grants to partners whose work aligns with our program goals, our recent investments include support:

The McKnight Foundation is pleased to confirm its commitment to reaching underserved communities and pursuing systemic change through advocacy, identified by The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy as effective philanthropic practices.

Kate Wolford, President
The McKnight Foundation