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Grantee feedback drives improvements

The McKnight Foundation’s Strategic Framework states that, “We believe much of the power and impact of our work derives from the quality of our relationships with the people closest to the issues we address.” Our long-term success depends on strong and productive grantee partnerships. So to enable the best outcomes, we’re always looking for ways …

Food for Thought: Mary Tyler Moore Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

July 24, 2013 – Jay Walljasper, commissioned by The McKnight Foundation. The third installment of the Food for Thought Series, a collection of third-party reports that inform our program strategies and are shared with the fields we support. In this report, Walljasper examines identity issues confronting Minneapolis-St. Paul and posits some solutions.

2012 Annual Report

April 2013 – McKnight’s 2012 “year-at-a-glance” annual report

State of the Artist Videos

In 2012, the McKnight Foundation asked Works Progress how they would approach the anniversary of the Artist Fellowship program. Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker from Works Progress wanted to introduce the complex and immediate stories of these artists where they are today, and give a glimpse of the variety of processes, practices, and experiences that artists …

Laura Zabel: Zig-Zagging Careers and the Artists Who Love Them

State of the Artist note: This post, from Laura Zabel, is in response to our Visualizing Artists’ Careers project, which you can see here. I can’t stop looking at these graphics. I love the unbalanced stars that show us just how different each person’s trajectory and career is. And somehow simultaneously demonstrate how important and …

Shawn McConneloug, Robert Rosen, Kira Obolensky and Irve Dell: The Topic Was Air

The Topic Was Air from Works Progress on Vimeo. As artists who often work across disciplines, we’re excited by efforts to get beyond silo thinking. Thankfully, there seem to be more and more of these silo-busting projects out there! An awareness is building both in and outside the arts community about the possibilities of collaboration …

John Caddy: 2012 Distinguished Artist

December 2012 – Commemorative publication featuring essays about Caddy’s influence as a poet, teacher, and naturalist, a chronology of his work and life, and photographs.

Aditi Brennan Kapil: Skewing the Lens

Skewing the Lens from Works Progress on Vimeo. "It’s hard sometimes to think outside your own very complicated, very personal, very busy, life-is-overwhelming lens, but when you go to the theater, what I want is... that moment where all of the sudden your world explodes from that lens into this huge connection to the world." …

2002 Annual Report

2003 – Content and images from our 2002 annual report, in Adobe Acrobat format.

2003 Annual Report

2004 – Content and images from our 2003 annual report, in Adobe Acrobat format.

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