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Dobby Gibson: Putting Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion from Works Progress on Vimeo. How can poets collaborate with other artists and communities to bring poetry into the world in new ways? Dobby Gibson is a poet, but he doesn’t wear the title on his sleeve. In our initial conversations with him about the State of the Artist Documentary Project, Dobby …

Carolyn Swiszcz: Perpetual Inspiration Machine

Perpetual Inspiration Machine from Works Progress on Vimeo. What happens when creating work for a gallery audience isn’t enough? During our visit to visual artist Carolyn Swiszcz’s home studio in West Saint Paul, she shared a book of sketches she’d done back in grade school. From the time she was a kid, Carolyn was making things, whether …

Bill Cottman: Old Rhythms Making New Sense

Old Rhythms Making New Sense from Works Progress on Vimeo. When we set out on our State of the Artist Documentary Project, working with some of the McKnight Artist Fellows of the past 30 years, we immediately saw a chance to satisfy our own curiosity about Bill Cottman and his family. We”d met Bill, his wife …

Works Progress: The State of the Artist Documentaries

As Collaborative Directors of Works Progress, Colin Kloecker and I have been fortunate to work in partnership with artists from many different communities and professional backgrounds. In our experience, few moments compare to those unscripted, unstructured times spent one-on-one with our peers, whether it be kicking around ambitious new ideas, talking about creative process or …

Bill Holm: 2008 Distinguished Artist

Nov 2008 – Featuring essays about Holm’s influence as a poet and essayist, a chronology of his work and life, and original photographs.

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