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McKnight hires three staff

August 27, 2015 – The McKnight Foundation has hired Megan Powers as international program officer, Flannery Clark as executive assistant, and Grace Fredrickson as accounting assistant.

Climate Change and Art Collide in The Visible Air: Recent Innovations from the Gymnasium

Aquaminous | ah-KWA-mi-nuhs | adjective The quality of air just before a rainfall; origin: the Latin aqua, meaning water, and ominous, meaning foreboding. -Mo Perry “Aquaminous” is just one of dozens of new words created for The Language of Air, a crowd-sourced dictionary comprising invented terms to describe qualities of air. It is part of …

Fighting Climate Change One Step at a Time

On Thursday, the Minnesota town of Cologne (population 1,500) signed a deal making it our first local government to go solar. This town will host a SunShare community solar garden, which will save $40,000 a year by fueling city buildings and sending electricity into the grid. The municipality looked at its assets, identified a partner, and took action. This …

Reimagining Southeast Minnesota

Below is Vice President of Program Neal Cuthbert’s foreword from the McKnight-commissioned Small Towns, Big Ideas: Reimagining Southeast Minnesota, an essay by Jay Walljasper that explores innovative examples of economic resilience in Southeast Minnesota that could serve as models for the entire Midwest. Jay Walljasper’s Small Towns, Big Ideas: Reimagining Southeast Minnesota was commissioned by The …

Food for Thought: Small Towns, Big Ideas

June 2015 Commissioned by McKnight, Jay Walljasper’s latest report looks at the forward-thinking and innovative concepts spurring development and interest in Southeast Minnesota.

2014 Annual Report

May 2015 McKnight’s 2014 “at-a-glance” annual report. Click here to request a hard copy.

A Hot Spot that Connects People, Not the Internet

Artistry (formerly Bloomington Theatre and Art Center) was founded through the merger of the Bloomington Civic Theatre and Bloomington Art Center in 2009. Drawing on a combined legacy of more than 90 years of artistic excellence, Artistry aims to expand and further strengthen the offerings of its founding organizations in the performing arts, visual arts, …

Basic Housing Changed the Lives of a Single Father and His Son

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is working to ensure that all children in a geographic “Zone” of North Minneapolis graduate from high school ready for college. NAZ takes a two-generation approach, working directly with children and with their parents, supporting parents to stabilize housing and careers and to become leaders in the community who drive …

Breaking Down the Barriers to Financial Success

Stephanie has been a passionate customer of Prepare + Prosper (P+P) for four years. She first learned about the organization by calling United Way 2-1-1. As a teacher’s assistant and single mom, Stephanie has a lot on her plate and tax time helps her to make it manageable. Free and expert help with taxes and …

An Apartment Designed for Health and Wellness

The Rising Cedar Apartment complex isn’t just a beautiful building — it makes a difference in the lives of those who live with mental illness. Rising Cedar was developed by Project for Pride in Living (PPL) with support from McKnight’s Region & Communities program and in collaboration with Touchstone Mental Health, a nonprofit that works …