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New Frontiers in Legume Research

A collection of case studies based on 10 years of research in Malawi, produced by the McKnight Collaborative Crop Research Program’s Southern Africa community of practice.

Courageous Tenants Point the Way

Tenants in south Minneapolis recently won an important victory in the pursuit of justice. It may be the most recent case to reveal the substandard housing conditions of many low-income renters, but it’s hardly an isolated situation. Even as we are encouraged by this court ruling, we must recognize that lawsuits alone cannot create the …

Living Cities 25 Years: Closing the Racial Gaps

Living Cities’ 25th anniversary compendium of essays — contributed by members, grantees, partners, and many other leaders — highlighting ongoing efforts across the country that show promise of contributing to closing the racial opportunity gaps. The collection includes an essay by McKnight Region & Communities program director Lee Sheehy.

MHP Report: Sold Out

A new report from Minnesota Housing Partnership examines the pace, price, location and impact of apartment property sales across the seven-county metropolitan area.

HUD Report: Scaling Solutions

A HUD how-to guide for unleashing the potential of public-philanthropic partnerships based on lessons learned from the sustainable communities initiative.

Case i3 Commitment Tracking Report

In June 2014, the United States National Advisory Board on Impact Investing released recommendations at the White House Roundtable on Impact Investing for how U.S. policymakers could encourage more impact investing. The CASE i3 Initiative on Impact Investing at Duke University has been tracking the deployment of these commitments.

The Joy of Pottery: Art with No “Undo” Button

The Arts Center of Saint Peter helps people make some of the most enjoyable and productive mistakes of their lives. It happens when they’re elbow-deep in clay and sweaty with the effort it takes to focus, breathe, and center again and again. Here in the region’s largest independent clay studio, we teach youth and adults …

Pathway Schools Initiative Phase I Report

This McKnight-commissioned report looks at the progress of our Pathway Schools Initiative, which aims to increase the number of students who reach the critical milestone of third-grade literacy.

Minnesota Challenge

The MN Challenge to Lower the Cost of Affordable Housing is an idea competition co-sponsored by Minnesota Housing, The McKnight Foundation, Urban Land Institute of Minnesota, Regional Council of Mayors, and Enterprise Community Partners. The goal is to support innovative, interdisciplinary problem solving resulting in a systematic concept that lowers the cost of developing affordable housing in …