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CCRP Lever & Outcome Table

CCRP supports AEI research that can be applied by farmers and communities to improve productivity, nutrition, and livelihoods. Beyond these tangible impacts, many of the research principles that AEI embodies — farmer participation and ownership in the research process, integration of global and local knowledge, cross-sector and multilateral collaboration — help strengthen societal structures. As local …

Global Investor Statement on Climate Change

The Global Investor Statement sets out the contributions that institutional investors can make to increasing low carbon and climate resilient investment. It offers practical proposals on how our contribution may be scaled up through appropriate government action.

CCRP Principles

Guided by a series of principles, the CCRP works to ensure a world where all have access to nutritious food that is sustainably produced by local people. Download this resource to learn more.

CCRP Theory of Change

The CCRP uses a “theory of change” to represent the ways in which we intend to contribute to better livelihoods, productivity, and nutrition for farming communities. Our theory of change (below) maps two interrelated and distinct pathways through which our work is intended to make an impact. One is support for agriculture systems (individual farms …

Northeast Minnesota: New Possibilities in the North Country

Commissioned by McKnight, Jay Walljasper’s latest report in our Food for Thought series looks at the opportunities and challenges facing Northeast Minnesota, exploring communities north of the metro area and east of Brainerd and Bemidji.

White House Roundtable on Impact Investing

Signatories at a summer 2014 White House roundtable on impact investing, where more than 20 investors answered the President’s call to action and announced significant steps to galvanize and grow the global impact economy.

Working Toward Equity, Sustainability in 2016 and Beyond

New Year Reflections from Kate Wolford As we begin a new year, I am very mindful of the awesome responsibility and privilege that we have in advancing the mission of The McKnight Foundation. We have a diverse and robust portfolio of program interests, all pointing toward a goal of strengthening socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable communities. …

Mission Investments at the Packard Foundation

From the foreword: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation was an early pioneer in mission investing. Since 1980, the Foundation has made over $750 million in Program-Related Investments (PRIs) in the form of loans, equity investments, and guarantees. Since its first PRI, the Foundation’s approach to mission investing has evolved dramatically. As its impact investment …

Rick Shiomi: 2015 McKnight Distinguished Artist

The commemorative booklet about Rick Shiomi, the 2015 recipient of McKnight’s Distinguished Artist Award, is now available. The book features essays about his influence as a theater artist, director, musician, and mentor; a chronology of his work and life; and photographs.