Therese Casey joined the McKnight Foundation in 1988, and has been serving as the Foundation’s controller since 1999. In this role, Casey is responsible for managing the Foundation’s financial accounting and reporting functions to ensure adherence to generally accepted accounting principles, government regulations, internal controls, and best practices. She leads accounting staff in meeting the Foundation’s financial obligations and reporting requirements. Casey also coordinates the Foundation’s annual audits and tax preparation processes, assists the vice president of finance and compliance in preparing the annual budgets, and supports the Finance and Audit Committee. Casey now serves as the director of finance.

During her tenure, Casey led the development of an employee matching gift program, managed the conversion from a manual- to computer-based accounting system, and oversaw the transition from a check- to electronic-based payment process. She currently leads a team exploring the potential conversion to a cloud-based financial system.

While employed at the Foundation, Casey earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Saint Thomas and became a certified public accountant. Casey, a committed lifelong learner, most recently received certificates from the University of Minnesota in project management and business process improvement. She is currently working toward a communications certificate.

Casey’s volunteer activities have included being a housebuilder with Habitat for Humanity’s Jimmy Carter Work Project in Puebla, Mexico, being a tax preparer at the Pillsbury House in Minneapolis, and serving as an accounting advisory committee member for a local community college. Casey is active in many groups focusing on topics such as design thinking, critical thinking, innovation, and storytelling.