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Equitable Communities

Usawa ni moja wapo ya maadili manne ya msingi katika McKnight Foundation's Mfumo wa Mkakati. Ni dhamira ambayo sisi wenyewe tunatoa changamoto kuisimamia katika sera na mazoea yetu ya ndani, na ni dhamana ambayo inatuongoza tunapofikiria mabadiliko tunayotaka kuona katika jamii yetu pana. Thamani iliyoshonwa sana sasa itahimiza maendeleo ya mpango mpya unaolenga katika kukuza Minnesota inayostahiki zaidi na ya pamoja. Lengo: Jenga mustakabali mzuri kwa Wan Minnesota wote kwa nguvu iliyoshirikiwa, ustawi, na ushiriki. 

To build this vibrant future, this new program will honor and build upon what we’ve learned from the work we’ve supported in the community over many years while making space for new ideas. When those who have historically been excluded do well, every Minnesotan benefits. Business, community, and government leaders know firsthand, and research shows, that achieving equity enhances our state’s civic, cultural, and economic vitality. It strengthens our workforce, ensures that local firms can compete in the global economy, and enhances the quality of life for all communities.

Below are some resources that describe how we’re thinking about our new community program as it evolves. We invite you to read these materials and share your wisdom to help inform our process.

Announcing Our
New Program

Learn more about our new commitment to building equitable and inclusive communities in Minnesota.

What Will it Take to Build an Equitable Minnesota?

As we develop the strategies that shape this new program, we will look beyond our Foundation walls and invite community input. Learn how.

Share Your Wisdom

Share your wisdom on what you think it will take to advance our new goal and how you think we should invest our resources. Deadline: November 27, 2019.

Recommended Readings

The following resources helped inform our thinking.

The Curb-Cut Effect

Hii Stanford Social Innovation Review article kutoka Angela Glover Blackwell ya SeraLink shows how an investment in one group can improve the broader well-being of a nation.

Voices from the Field: Rural Organizers on What They Need from Funders

Hii scan released by Neighborhood Funders Group underscores the importance of rural and small-town communities in power building and organizing.

Minnesota’s Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model

Hii PolicyLink report documents the demographic shifts in Minnesota and shows how equitable policies would benefit our state economy.

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