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2023 Distinguished Artist Award Nominations Open

Do you know an artist or culture bearer with an enduring and exceptional career in Minnesota? The McKnight Foundation invites nominations for its 26th Distinguished Artist Award. Nominations for the $100,000 award are due April 24, 2023.

The annual Giải thưởng Nghệ sĩ xuất sắc McKnight recognizes artists and culture bearers who have made a lifelong commitment to creating art that is locally, regionally, and/or nationally significant. These artists and culture bearers have chosen to make their lives and careers in Minnesota, thereby making our state a more culturally rich place. First and foremost, they have produced creatively incisive art reflecting their particular and extraordinary point of view.

McKnight Distinguished Artists have also inspired other artists and culture bearers, earned acclaim from audiences, patrons, critics, and other arts professionals, and some have founded and strengthened arts organizations.

Nominations close April 24, 2023.

Note: Applications are only accepted online. No self-nominations. If you any questions about the nomination process, please email msalas@mcknight.org.


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