Paula Vasquez Alzate joined McKnight in October 2020 and is currently the program and grants associate for Vibrant & Equitable Communities with the Grants & Program Operations department. In this role, Paula supports all aspects of the grantmaking process for Vibrant & Equitable Communities grantee partners. Paula is passionate about developing internal grantmaking tools and processes that foster ongoing learning, while keeping equity at the core of her and the Foundation’s work.

During her tenure, Paula has provided administrative and operations support to the Vibrant & Equitable Communities and Arts & Culture programs, and assisted with the Lake Street Alignment project, grantmaking redesign effort, and the Ford ACT initiative. She has dedicated her career to working with underrepresented communities. Equity is at the core of her work as she strives to support systems change.

在加入 McKnight 之前,Paula 在 The Cowles Center 担任教育和社区参与协调员,并在 Northrop 担任发展实习生(这两个组织都是 McKnight 的受助者)。她作为董事会成员支持舞蹈公司 Black Label Movement,并且是前公司搬家公司。

她拥有明尼苏达大学舞蹈艺术学士学位,目前正在卡尔森管理学院攻读 MBA。 Paula 在哥伦比亚出生和长大,2014 年移居美国。她曾住在纽约市和迈阿密,目前居住在明尼阿波利斯。