We can’t solve climate change without the Midwest. What happens here will make or break progress the world over. Our region is home to 1/3 of U.S. emissions, and we’re also the engine powering climate solutions and climate hope. This is our moment to be bold and go all in—join us!

The McKnight Foundation is the leading funder of climate solutions in the Midwest and the largest private foundation in the U.S. to make a net zero endowment commitment.

Video Transcript

Out here in the Midwest, the heartland of this country, we can see signals of the future: from dried up crop fields to hazy skies and lakes on fire. Climate change is sowing chaos all around us. This is one possible future.

But while temperatures are rising, so are young people. They demand a future where people and planet will thrive for generations to come. They know it’s not too late, and that we create our own future.

This future is one where kids choking on pollution can breathe in justice, where towns and cities that once depended on dirty fuels are now booming with clean energy progress.

America’s heartland is ground zero for bold and innovative climate action. We’re harvesting wind and solar, and manufacturing electric vehicles that will drive the economy forward. We’re designing the smart grid of the future to deliver 100% clean energy.

And if we can do it in the Midwest, we can do it anywhere.

To create this future, we must act now, we must act boldly. We must act together. This is our shared responsibility, because what is at stake is nothing less than our shared fate.

This is our moment.

Credo Nonfiction, Video Production
Yinka Ladeinde, Narration
Dan Thiede, McKnight Senior Communications Officer
Na Eng, McKnight Communications Director

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