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G2VP: Funds I & II

Type: Direct Debt or Equity, High Impact Investments

Topic: Agriculture, Clean Transportation, Renewable Energy, Technology

Status: Current

Betting on the “industrial awakening,” G2VP invests in global industries undergoing technology-led transformation such as transportation, energy, agriculture, industrial and logistics. G2VP know that our future looks very different from our present as individuals share cars, buy renewable electricity and manufacture products in new ways.

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Fund I: $7.5 million; originated in 2018

Fund II: $10 million; originated in 2021

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This investment increases McKnight’s exposure to venture capital – investments in small, innovative  companies that have the potential to transform an industry while driving resource efficiency. These higher-risk funds succeed by picking one or two winning “needles” from a “haystack” of promising ideas.

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Financial Returns: Too early to evaluate; fund is in acquisition phase.

Social & Environmental Impact: Proterra, included in G2VP, is an American electric bus manufacturer dedicated to advancing EV technology to deliver the world’s best-performing commercial vehicles.

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Lessons Learned

Too early to report.

Photo Credits: Proterra

Disclaimer of Endorsement: The McKnight Foundation does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or service providers.

Last updated 8/2018

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