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Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD)

Type: Below Market Investments, High Impact Investments

Topic: Buildings & Housing

Status: Current

MCCD provides small loans to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses that have not grown large enough to access commercial banks or established Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). These early businesses are often minority-, immigrant-, or women-owned ventures. MCCD is a membership-based organization, including many cultural-based business developers. They work specifically within Indigenous, immigrant and communities of color to provide capital, technical assistance, and training.

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$1 million 10-year loan at 2%; originated in 2019

Due to Covid-19, McKnight reduced the interest rate permanently to 0.75 basis points to align with the 10-year Treasury rate and provide flexibility while interest payments for one year.

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An expert in micro-lending, MCCD meets with 1,000 entrepreneurs a year and provides 8,000 hours of direct consulting to small businesses. Its focus on cultural specificity has resulted in strong partnerships in suburban areas with robust immigrant communities. Ninety-two percent of its credit builder loans are awarded to minority entrepreneurs striving to improve or establish their credit scores and bridge financial gaps. These loans are short term and zero interest; well suited for cultural communities that have usury prohibitions, and undocumented residents who have cash savings but no access to credit.

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Too early to tell

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Lessons Learned

During a financial crisis, small businesses may struggle to pay their monthly loan installments. Meanwhile, CDFIs struggle in turn as they rely on the interest from these loans to pay their overhead. For this reason, philanthropic grants become particularly important alongside additional debt capital for lending.

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers, featuring supported business Finer Meats.

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Last updated 10/2021

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