As Governance Liaison & Executive Assistant, Tamara Wallace works closely with McKnight president Tonya Allen and our executive leadership team. In this role, she manages the executive office, provides administrative leadership and board governance support, and enhances systems for technology and communications. Tamara joined McKnight in May 2022 as executive assistant to president Tonya Allen.  

Prior to her appointment at McKnight, Tamara served the City of Lakeville, Minnesota, for 12 years, rising from receptionist to senior administrative assistant and deputy clerk, a position directly supporting the mayor, city administrator, assistant city administrator, and city council. The first point of contact for nearly 70,000 residents, she orchestrated federal, state, and municipal elections for Lakeville, and assisted the communications department with various voice-over pieces such as the city’s year in review.  

Tamara has a background in property management, affordable housing, and training. She is passionate about supporting the arts, closing the socioeconomic gap, and breaking down barriers of difference. She loves to write and travel, is a self-proclaimed movie critic and foodie, and enjoys a good play or museum. 

Favorite quote: “I don’t like to lose—at anything—yet I’ve grown most not from victories, but setbacks.” – Serena Williams