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Crónica de la filantropía | Compartir el poder y frenar las desigualdades raciales: cómo los creadores de subvenciones pueden comprometerse con un cambio real un año después de Covid

Just after the Covid lockdown, our organizations joined with several other grant makers to launch a philanthropy pledge focused on helping nonprofits survive the economic fallout from the Covid pandemic and meet the exploding demand for services in their communities.

The pledge succeeded beyond our expectations. More than 800 organizations signed the pledge. Better yet, many grant makers followed through on their commitments, according to a study by the Center for Effective Philanthropy. “Among the most frequent changes they made as a result of the pandemic were loosening or eliminating grant restrictions, reducing what is asked of grantees, and making new grants as unrestricted as possible,” the center reported. It is through these practices that we can forge the trust required to create the large-scale societal change we seek.

Featured: McKnight president Tonya Allen co-authored the op-ed.


Tema: Diversidad Equidad e Inclusión

marzo 2021

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