Funlola is an investment professional with interests that lie at the intersection of technological innovation, climate change, and emerging markets. Funlola currently serves as Investment Manager at McKnight where he helps steward the foundation’s $3 billion endowment and $500+ million impact investing portfolio. Funlola also serves as Africa Advisor at Concordia, where he co-founded Concordia Africa, and focuses on implementing programs and social-impact driven public-private partnerships.

이전에 Funlola는 금융 시장으로의 환경, 사회 및 거버넌스(ESG) 통합에 중점을 둔 조직인 CDP에서 Investor Lead로 근무했습니다. 투자자 리더로서 그는 지속 가능한 인프라 자금 조달 및 투자 위험, 기후, 물 부족 및 부드러운 상품 삼림 벌채와 관련된 기회에 대해 금융 기관 및 재정 후원자에게 조언했습니다.

Funlola’s civic and nonprofit activities include board service at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Nexus Community Partners, the Land Institute, and the Advisory Board for Entrepreneurship at Cornell University. He was recognized as an Emerging Leader at the Atlantic Dialogues in Marrakech and has been as a Bush Leadership fellow from the Bush Foundation. Funlola earned a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.