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Doupe Fellowship

Allison Doupe was deeply connected to the McKnight Endowment Fund. She received a McKnight Scholar Award in 1993 and joined the scholar award committee in 2006. She took over as chair of the scholar committee in 2010 and joined the McKnight Endowment Fund board at that time. Additionally, Allison was an amazing mentor to young scientists.

To honor her memory, in 2015, the McKnight Endowment Fund board created the Allison J. Doupe Fellowship for post-docs. The award includes an invitation to the McKnight Endowment Fund Annual Meeting and the opportunity to present a poster about their research at the gathering. Doupe Fellows are nominated by a McKnight neuroscientist who is attending the conference.

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  • Stephen Zhang – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Sasha Fulton – Columbia University
  • Andrea Cuentas-Condori – Yale University
  • Monique Mendes – Stanford University


  • Mora Ogando – University of California, Berkeley
  • Kelsie Eichel – Stanford University
  • Klibaite Ugne – Harvard University


  • Adriene Otapalik – Rockefeller University
  • Zachary Pennington – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Chris Zimmerman – Princeton University
  • Kaela Singleton – Emory University


  • David Kastner – UC San Francisco
  • Yoav Livneh – Harvard Medical School
  • Allison Bond – University of Pennsylvania
  • Adam Calhoun – Princeton University
  • Marie Suver – New York University

Pecot Fellowship

The McKnight Endowment for Neuroscience Pecot Fellowship is a mentorship program named in honor of our friend and colleague, Matthew Pecot, who died in 2019. Matthew was a brilliant neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School and a 2017 McKnight Scholar Awardee. He received his McKnight award for his work on identifying molecular principles underlying synaptic specificity. Matthew’s McKnight work has contributed to identifying defects in neural connectivity, which underlie many neural psychiatric diseases.

The MEFN board developed the McKnight Pecot Fellowship to address the lack of opportunities for college students from underrepresented communities in the pipeline to neuroscience graduate programs. Pecot fellows are nominated by a MEFN Awardee and have the privilege of carrying out research in the awardee’s lab over the course of one year. They are also invited to attend the McKnight Endowment Fund Annual Meeting.

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  • Bianca Frias – Salk Institute
  • Jailah Mitchell – Stanford University
  • Buyong Kim – Columbia University
  • Princesa Herrera – University of Colorado Denver
  • Alana Ferguson – Princeton University
  • Liliana Germain – Syracuse University


  • Gonzalo Alarcon – Columbia University
  • Sam Sabaat – University of California, Berkeley
  • Xiomara McDonald – Johns Hopkins University
  • Diego Vila Pena – Texas State University
  • Maya del Luis – California Institute of Technology


  • Mark Lewis – University of Michigan
  • Anthony Moussa – University of Washington
  • Emma Odom – Boston University
  • Aramis Tanelus – New York University
  • Villalobes Andres – Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Omalys Biggs Rodriquez – Texas State University
  • Naomi Codrington – CUNY Lehman College
  • Fabilha Hussain -City College of NY
  • Amamris Lewis – Stanford University
  • Ashley Medina – New York University

Discontinued Programs

Technology Awards

Discontinued in 2022


Memory & Cognitive Disorders Awards

Discontinued in 2020

light pink and blue microscope cell

Brain Disorder Awards

Discontinued in 2012

green and blue cells under a microscope

Investigator Awards

Discontinued in 2002

microscope picture of two organs connected

Senior Investigator Awards

Discontinued in 1999

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