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Notre approche

The Midwest Climate & Energy program uses its philanthropic funding to support efforts that build power through partnership, aligning climate and equity goals to advance bold action on the climate crisis.

Our program takes a systems change lens, focusing on shifting the conditions that perpetuate the climate crisis, which include structural racism. We direct grantmaking toward work that shifts mental models, changes power dynamics, engages communities, and advances transformative policies, practices, and resource flows, in order to dramatically cut carbon pollution in the Midwest by 2030. 

En accord avec la Fondation Cadre stratégique, the program’s approach is grounded in continuous learning and adaptive action as the economic, political, and social context in which we operate continues to evolve.

Nos stratégies

Renforcer la participation démocratique

Climate change affects all of us, but Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, and low-income communities are impacted the most. We need an open and equitable democracy to ensure that marginalized communities have the voice and power to bring about change on the issues affecting their lives and livelihoods, including climate change. This is a shared goal with the Communautés dynamiques et équitables program.

Transformez le système énergétique

Protecting our planet requires changing how we produce and use electricity. We need to support more carbon-free energy sources through market and technological changes, switch to emissions-free energy sources, and achieve 100% clean power, all as quickly as possible.

Électrifier les transports et les bâtiments

Our buildings and transportation systems still overwhelmingly use fossil fuels. We need to replace polluting systems with new technologies that run on clean electricity, and support infrastructure that centers the real needs of people.

Séquester le carbone sur les terrains de travail

The Midwest’s working lands–our rangelands, farms, and forestlands–support life and livelihoods. We need to partner with stewards of those lands to advance solutions that sequester carbon and safeguard the places that many call home.


Focus géographique

The program supports work in Minnesota and the upper Midwest directly and through grantmaking partners.


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