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Communautés dynamiques et équitables

Objectif du programme: Construire un avenir dynamique pour tous les Minnesota avec le pouvoir partagé, la prospérité et la participation.

Equity is one of the four core values in McKnight’s Cadre stratégique. It is a value that we challenge ourselves to uphold in our internal policies and practices, and it is a value that guides the Foundation as we imagine the change we want to see in our broader society.

This deeply held value anchors the Vibrant & Equitable Communities (V&EC) program and guides its core tenets, which we define as:

  • Power: Minnesota’s communities act, partner, plan, and lead us toward a more vibrant, equitable future for our state.
  • Prosperity: All Minnesotans have the resources they need to thrive.
  • Participation: Minnesotans build bridges across lines of difference, collectively solve problems, and cultivate equitable and economically vibrant communities.

McKnight developed this program because we see equity as a powerful force multiplier that enriches the quality of life for all Minnesotans. We all benefit when we promote equitable opportunity and access for residents across Minnesota, especially those who have historically not fully shared in our state’s storied economic, educational, and civic success—such as Black Minnesotans, Indigenous communities, Minnesotans of color, and low-income Minnesotans.

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