Please note: The application process discussed in this video is out of date. McKnight revised its grantmaking process in 2022 to accept applications on a rolling basis and move to a simplified one-step grant application process. Please visit our How to Apply page for the most up-to-date information.

We recently held a webinar to share what we learned during our first year of the Vibrant & Equitable Communities program, and how it is shaping the program’s evolving strategy, approach, and criteria. You can watch the webinar below and/or review the key points below.



1. 系统变更

We know that systemic inequities are deeply embedded in our society. As our team reflected on our first year of grantmaking, we recognized that the Foundation’s dollars are best invested in organizations working toward systems change, which means they are focused on shifting the underlying conditions that hold inequality in place.  



2. 与我们的战略保持一致

Applicants need to align with our approach and be addressing one or more of our four strategies. For example, we do not fund mentorship programs, scholarships, or direct services. While these are important efforts, they are not aligned with the program’s goal of driving systems change.  

3. 领导力

领导力很重要,尤其是对于社区问责制。我们需要看到所服务的社区与您组织的领导层之间的一致性。作为明尼苏达州人,我们认识到我们多元文化和多元种族社区的力量,我们的资助将包括所有组织,包括白人和 BIPOC 领导的组织。

4. 机会



2021 年,数以千计的明尼苏达人联系了我们,他们与我们一样渴望为所有明尼苏达人建立一个充满活力的未来。超过 500 个组织申请了,虽然我们只能支持其中五分之一的请求,但我们真的很荣幸能够涌现出大量的兴趣和兴奋。

2021 年,我们在四个计划战略中提供了 125 笔赠款,总计 $41,786,000。

加速经济流动——$10,950,000 到 42 个组织
培养公平公正的住房制度——$11,530,999 至 24 名受助人
建立社区财富 - $12,601,000 至 28 个组织
加强民主参与——$6,705,000 至 31 个组织


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Consider the criteria we outlined above and what we don’t fund to inform your decision to submit.
Read our program FAQ, a comprehensive guide that answers common questions.

Visit our webpage for more information on our approach and how to apply.