Joel Krogstad joined McKnight in July 2021 and serves as the program manager of the McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience. In this role he works closely with the neuroscience research community to bring science closer to the day when diseases of the brain and behavior can be accurately diagnosed, prevented, and treated. Specifically, he oversees the Endowment Fund’s $3.8 million budget, coordinates its two prestigious award programs, and organizes the popular annual conference. As part of administering the award programs and conference, Joel processes more than 150 applications annually, and helps to build connections among the neuroscience research community.

Before joining the Neuroscience program, Joel worked with McKnight’s Global Collaboration for Resilient Food Systems as a program and grants associate with the Grants & Program Operations department supporting all facets of the grantmaking process for the 10 countries served by the program.

乔尔的职业生涯致力于跨文化的社会转型。在加入 McKnight 之前,他曾在 Saint Paul Neighborhood Network 担任社区技术赋权项目主任 15 年,雇用和管理 500 多名 AmeriCorps 成员,为双子城的难民、移民和青年社区教授基本和创造性的技术技能.此前,乔尔还领导了厄瓜多尔和泰国的研究和教育项目。

Joel 拥有明尼苏达大学的工作、社区和家庭教育硕士学位,以及 Macalester 学院的政治学和西班牙语学位。他与妻子和两个孩子住在圣保罗,最近一直在研究越野滑板滑雪时的转弯艺术。

Motto for today: “Success requires the emotional balance of a committed heart. When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart will search for an escape. A committed heart does not wait for conditions to be exactly right. Why? Because conditions are NEVER exactly right.” – Andy Andrews, The Traveler’s Gift.