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Making Ann Arbor’s Bryant Neighborhood the Most Sustainable Place in America

Ann Arbor, MI committed to being carbon neutral by 2030, and they started their work in the frontline Bryant neighborhood. They're electrifying homes community-wide, reducing energy burden and increasing health while showing the nation how to scale equitable climate action.

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Courageous Character: Pastor James Alberts

For this first Courageous Characters spotlight, we asked Pastor Alberts to share more about the idea of Courageous Characters, and his own experience navigating Central Minnesota’s evolving social landscape as a prominent community leader.

Tonya Allen

“The Presidents’ Council is catalyzing a growing movement of investors putting the full weight of our considerable resources behind our missions to deliver a prosperous, just, resilient economy for all.”

—Tonya Allen, President

Stories of Climate Progress and Hope in Minnesota

Hear directly from the advocates who secured the state’s largest-ever investments in clean energy, environmental justice, and transit—making Minnesota a national climate leader—and find out how 100% clean energy went from impossible to inevitable.

2023 McKnight Scholar Awards

The Board of Directors of The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience is pleased to announce it has selected ten neuroscientists to receive the 2023 McKnight Scholar Award. This is the first year McKnight makes these awards under the program’s new guidelines, which place additional emphasis on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion to enhance the excellence and impact of our work.