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All In For Clean Energy cov rooj sib tham hauv Minnesota State Capitol (Tsib Hlis, 2019). Daim Duab Tso Duab: 100% Phiaj Los Nqis Tes, kev yees duab los ntawm Ryan Stopera

Midwest Kev Nyuaj Siab thiab Zog

Lub Hom Phiaj Ntawm Txoj Haujlwm: Take bold and urgent action on the climate crisis by dramatically cutting greenhouse gas emissions and advancing an equitable clean energy transition.

The Midwest Climate & Energy program focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, at scale, as quickly as possible in the Midwest. Remaining steadfast to our pursuit of equity and justice bolstered by a healthy democracy, McKnight engages the communities and diverse viewpoints across public and private sectors in the region. We pursue ambitious and equitable climate goals through grants, investments, convenings, and community engagement.

Yuav Thov Licas

The Midwest Climate & Energy program accepts proposals from organizations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Other Midwest states remain invite-only.  We will make a funding decision within three months of receiving your inquiry. Learn more about peb mus kom ze thiab yuav ua li cas thov.

Midwest Kev Nyuaj Siab thiab Zog

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