Hla mus rau cov ntsiab lus

Yuav Thov Licas

Application materials for the McKnight Scholar Awards are available in August each year. Applicants must demonstrate interest in solving important problems in relevant areas of neuroscience.

Yog xav thov, tus kws tshawb nrhiav tus thawj xibfwb yuav tsum tau ua raws li cov theem hauv qab no:

  • Rub tawm "Daim Ntawv Thov thiab Cov Lus Qhia" cov ntaub ntawv nyob rau ntawm sab xis sab xis. Cov txheej txheem no yuav muab ntxiv tseem ceeb paub meej txog cov kauj ruam hauv qab no. Thov xa cov ntaub ntawv qhia txog txhua yam.
  • Teeb tsa tus neeg siv lub npe thiab tus password siv “Start Daim Ntawv Thov” txuas nyob ntawm sab xis.

(thov khaws koj tus username thiab password rau kev siv yav tom ntej)

  • Thaum nkag mus, ua tiav daim ntawv fim online.
  • Rub tawm rau tag nrho cov ntawv thov ua ONE PDF, xws li:
  1. Ua tiav daim ntawv ntsej muag.
  2. Kos duab kos nyob rau hauv NIH hom ntawv.
  3. Description of the proposed research project. Applicants should propose experiments based on their best work. The proposal should be introduced with an abstract of 200 words or less, followed by a detailed statement of plans for the three-year research program. The proposed research does not need to present a totally new line of research, but it should not be identical to projects supported by other funders. The proposal (abstract, narrative and figures, but not bibliography) must not exceed 6 numbered single-spaced pages with 1” margins and 12pt font.
  4. Ib nplooj ntawv piav qhia piav qhia txog yuav ua li cas tus neeg thov kev pab tsim kom muaj ib puag ncig hauv chav kuaj thiab hais txog ntau haiv neeg, kev ncaj ncees, thiab kev koom nrog hauv neuroscience.
  5. Proposed budget. The applicant should indicate how he/she/they proposes to use the McKnight Scholar Award funds ($225,000 paid in equal installments of $75,000 in 2024, 2025, and 2026). Allowable budget items include salaries and fringe benefits, equipment, supplies, animal costs, tuition, costs for technical services, etc. The application should include itemized budgets for each year, in a tabulated column/dollar amount format; narrative budgets are not acceptable. Kev siv nyiaj tsis tuaj yeem siv rau kev siv nyiaj ntau tshaj lossis tsis ncaj nraim.
  6. Sau cov Active thiab tseem tos Kev pab (txhua xyoo tus nqi ncaj qha mus kuaj).
  7. Cov lus los ntawm tus neeg saib xyuas nyiaj txiag muaj txiaj ntsig ntawm lub koom haum txhawb nqa.
  8. Kev txhawb cov ntaub ntawv los ntawm cov neeg thov kev pab tus thawj tswj hwm ntawm lub chaw txhawb nqa.
  9. Txuas mus rau tsib qhov kev tshaj tawm tsis ntev los no rau pej xeem siv tau.
  • Plaub daim ntawv qhia los ntawm cov xibfwb qhia ntawv, tus thawj saib xyuas, lossis cov neeg kawm tiav qib siab uas paub txog tus neeg thov nkag ua haujlwm. Cov ntawv xa mus yuav tsum tau xa nyias thiab kev ntseeg siab los ntawm plaub tus neeg muaj npe ua pov thawj rau ntawm nplooj ntawv ntsej muag ntawm daim ntawv thov.

Kev Xaiv Tsa

Lub McKnight Scholar Award Review pawg saib xyuas will evaluate the applications and select a limited number of applicants to be interviewed. Applicants will be notified in early April and interviews are scheduled for Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4, 2024 via zoom.

The committee recommends candidates to the Board of Directors of the Endowment Fund for final decision. Awards will be announced in late May 2024.

Kev Tsim Nyog

In this competition, up to ten McKnight Scholars will be selected to receive three years of support, beginning July 1, 2024.

Applicants for the McKnight Scholar Award must be independent investigators at not-for-profit research institutions in the United States and must hold a faculty position at the rank of Assistant Professor and must have served at that rank for less than five years at the application deadline (exceptions made be made for parental leave).  Individuals holding other titles such as Instructor, Research Assistant Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, or Instructor are not eligible. If the host institution does not use professorial titles, a letter from a senior institutional official (e.g. Dean or Director of Research) must confirm that the applicant controls their own dedicated institutional resources, laboratory space, and/or facilities. We seek to enhance geographic, gender, and racial diversity in neuroscience, and we encourage women and members of communities of color to apply. Applicants may not apply in more than two rounds of competition, have already been granted tenure, or hold another award from the McKnight Endowment Fund.

Please note that from 2024 Forward, the period of eligibility for Scholar Awards has been extended to five years.

Tus nqi thiab lub hom phiaj ntawm Kev Txhawb Nqa

Each McKnight Scholar will receive $75,000 annually in 2024, 2025, and 2026. Funds may be used in any way that will facilitate development of the Scholar’s research program, but not for indirect costs.

Daim Ntawv Thov & Cov Txheej Txheem

Application Overview Video
Tau txais cov lus qhia txog kev xa daim ntawv thov kev sib tw los ntawm Leslie Vosshall, Ph.D.

Download Cov Lus Qhia

Cov lus qhia hauv internet

Daim ntawv thov txheej txheem yog hauv online. Nyem hauv qab no kom nkag tau rau daim ntawv thov.

Pib Daim Ntawv Thov

Cov Sij Hawm

Application due January 15, 2024.