Hauv qab no yog qee cov lus nug thiab lus teb hais txog McKnight's Vibrant & Cov Zej Zog Muaj Sib Luag (Zej Zog) txoj haujlwm. Yog xav paub ntxiv, peb caw koj nyeem Cov Zej Zog mus kom ze thiab daim ntawv thov cov lus qhia.

Kev Pabcuam Grantmaking Logistics

1. Muaj pes tsawg lub koomhaum pab nyiaj txiag txhua lub xyoo?

Our team reviews proposals on a rolling basis, applications can be submitted at any time. Given year-end priorities, grants submitted and reviewed in the fourth quarter may take additional time. We recommend submitting your request by September 1 if funding in the current calendar year is critical.

Within two weeks of receiving your application, Communities staff will be in contact with you regarding next steps. We strive to make a decision and distribute funding within three months of receiving an application.

2. Lub sijhawm tos ntawm qhov nyiaj pab ntawd yog dab tsi? Koj puas ua multiyear nyiaj pab?

McKnight typically makes grants for one to two years in duration. We work closely with the requesting organization to determine both the grant type (e.g., general operations, project/program) and the grant duration. If you have questions, please contact a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam ua ntej xa koj daim ntawv thov nyiaj pab.

3. Koj cov nyiaj pabcuam yog dab tsi?

The Communities program’s 2023 grantmaking budget is $32 million. Because some of those dollars are already committed to multiyear grantees, we expect to deploy roughly $26 million in new grants in 2023.

4. What types of grants are available—general operating, program grants, others?

The Communities program regularly invites both general operating and program/project grants. If you have a question about grant types, we encourage you to connect with a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam.

5. Will McKnight consider funding research projects or more direct services programs?

McKnight funds a range of activities, from community organizing to research, analysis, and planning. We also fund nonpartisan policy advocacy and implementation. However, we do not fund direct services.

6. Is it necessary to secure matching funding?

We look at an organization’s entire budget and appreciate it when organizations identify diverse sources of support. We do not require matched funding, except in rare cases.

Rov qab mus rau sab saum toj

Kev Muaj Cai Tau Txais

7. What types of organizations are eligible?

For the most part, applicants should be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations to be eligible for a grant. Government entities, including state, county, and municipal, may apply for funding for innovative projects. We generally will not fund activities that are traditionally the sole responsibility of government. Contact Paula who can connect you to a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam los teb cov lus nug ntxiv txog koj qhov xwm txheej.

8. If I have a fiscal sponsor, can I apply for a grant?

We do consider requests from fiscally sponsored organizations. If funded, McKnight requires a fiscal sponsorship agreement between the fiscal sponsor and the sponsored project.

Rov qab mus rau sab saum toj

Keeb Kwm

9. Can you share what you mean by working statewide? Does that mean multiple sites? How do you see your grantmaking divided between the Minneapolis–St. Paul metro and Greater Minnesota?

The Communities program is committed to working with grantees and partners across Minnesota. We do not have a set funding quota by region of the state. We welcome and encourage proposals from the Minneapolis–St. Paul metro and Greater Minnesota and look forward to building funding relationships and having impact statewide.

10. Can you clarify terminology about funding in Minnesota? Must the organization be based in Minnesota, or can it be outside the state as long as it has programs applicable to Minnesota?

Feem ntau ntawm Zej Zog txoj haujlwm pab nyiaj txiag txhawb nqa cov koom haum hauv Minnesota. Txawm li cas los xij, peb tshuaj xyuas cov ntawv thov los ntawm cov koom tes sab nraud ntawm Minnesota uas tab tom ua haujlwm los txhawb cov zej zog muaj zog thiab muaj vaj huam sib luag hauv peb lub xeev. Peb pom zoo hu rau a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam los tham txog koj kev ua haujlwm.

Rov qab mus rau sab saum toj

Hom Kev Koom Tes

12. Are you looking to fund more established organizations and projects, newer efforts, or a combination?

The Communities program funds a combination of requests from new partners and from organizations with historic ties to McKnight. We also look to fund a range of organizations and coalitions, both established and emerging.

13. How does McKnight view proposals that are relevant to more than one program at McKnight, such as the overlap between the Communities program and the Midwest Climate & Energy program?

Peb koom tes zoo nrog cov neeg ua haujlwm hauv lwm cov haujlwm McKnight, xws li Kos duab & Kab lis kev cai thiab Midwest Kev Nyuaj Siab thiab Zog, thiab peb txais tos cov ntawv thov uas sib tshuam nrog ntau cov kev pab cuam. Hu rau a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam rau cov lus qhia rau txoj kev zoo tshaj plaws.

14. Are you exclusively funding Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC)–led organizations?

Though McKnight is committed to increasing its support to BIPOC-led organizations, we continue to fund multicultural, multiracial partners inclusive of all communities who call Minnesota home. Since the launch of the program, approximately 62% of grantees identified as BIPOC-led.

15. How do you define BIPOC organization or BIPOC-led organization?

McKnight currently defines BIPOC-led groups as those for whom at least four of the following are true.

  • 50 feem pua ntawm cov neeg ua haujlwm laus * txheeb xyuas tias yog BIPOC
  • 50 feem pua ntawm cov tswv cuab hauv pawg thawj coj txheeb xyuas tias yog BIPOC
  • Lub koom haum muaj tus thawj coj/cov thawj coj uas txheeb xyuas tias yog BIPOC
  • Pawg lub hom phiaj qhia meej meej rau BIPOC cov zej zog thiab/lossis kev ncaj ncees ntawm haiv neeg
  • Qhov project thiab/los yog kev pib yog coj los ntawm feem ntau ntawm BIPOC-pab pawg tswv cuab
  • Lub koom haum tab tom siv DEI cov thawj coj thiab nrhiav kev hloov pauv hauv lub koom haum kom muaj kev ncaj ncees ntau dua hauv kev ua haujlwm / kev ua haujlwm

* Peb txhais cov neeg ua haujlwm laus ua cov neeg ua haujlwm nrog kev txiav txim siab lossis kev tswj xyuas lub luag haujlwm nrog lub koom haum.

16. Will you consider proposals that address economic equity and climate solutions in tandem?

Yog lawm, peb zoo siab tos txais cov lus pom uas cuam tshuam nrog ntau qhov chaw hauv McKnight. Thov hu rau a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam los tham txog koj txoj haujlwm thiab kev qhia txog kev xa daim ntawv thov.

Rov qab mus rau sab saum toj

Thov Sau Ntawv Thov Nyiaj Pab

17. What is the best link for the grant applications?

You can apply by going to our Yuav Thov Licas page. We invite you to preview the application form (PDF, Lo lus).

18. Do I need to talk to a program staff member before I apply?

We recommend that you discuss your application with a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam. Paula can help connect you to a team member. This is not a requirement of funding. It may, however, help you save time on an application.

19. If I am a current grantee: When should I apply for new funding?

Yog tias koj tab tom thov nyiaj pab rau tib lub hom phiaj ib yam li koj qhov nyiaj pab tam sim no, peb txhawb kom koj thov thaum koj cov nyiaj pab tam sim no tab tom rov thov dua.

That said, we want organizations to apply when it makes sense for you. If you want to apply at a different time of the year than you have in the past, please reach out to your program contact.

20. How many times can my organization apply in one year? If we are awarded a grant, can we submit another application for a different period?

To minimize work for your organization and help McKnight manage the numerous requests we receive, an organization should request funds only once per year.

Qee lub sij hawm, qhov xwm txheej, xws li cov cib fim tshiab lossis cov xwm txheej nyuaj tam sim no, tuaj yeem nthuav tawm vim li cas rov thov dua. Hu rau a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam yog tias koj ntseeg tias tej zaum yuav muaj kev txaus txaus rau kev thov ntxiv.

21. Is there a maximum grant request?

There is no maximum request amount. We recommend that you discuss the level of support you are considering with a cov neeg ua haujlwm pabcuam before submitting a grant proposal to save time with an application. This will also help us understand your needs, dreams, and other considerations. After an application is submitted, we may work with you to adjust the amount requested.

22. Can grantees have multiple grants with you at one time?

Cov neeg thov tau ntau cov nyiaj pab ua ke, txawm tias peb nyiam txo kev tswj hwm ntawm ob qho tib si McKnight thiab cov neeg ua haujlwm cov neeg ua haujlwm nrog tib qhov nyiaj pab uas tau muab kev txhawb nqa kev khiav haujlwm lossis pab nyiaj ntau txoj haujlwm ib txhij.

23. What is the approximate timeline from submitting to acceptance of a proposal?

Hauv ob lub lis piam tom qab tau txais koj daim ntawv thov, Cov neeg ua haujlwm hauv zej zog yuav tiv tauj koj txog cov kauj ruam tom ntej. Peb yuav muab ib tus neeg khiav dej num txoj haujlwm to each submitted application. That officer will reach out to discuss your application.

We strive to make a decision and distribute funding within three months of receiving an application.

24. If my application does not get selected, will you carry it forward for future consideration?

Applications are not automatically carried forward for future consideration.

25. If we are not selected to receive a grant, will there be an opportunity to receive feedback? What is the follow-up process?

If we do not accept your application, you are welcome to speak with a pab neeg thaj.

Rov qab mus rau sab saum toj

Tiv tauj Pab Pawg Zej Zog

26. If we are new to the McKnight Foundation, who is the best staff person to talk with?

Thov hu rau Paula thiab nws yuav qhia koj mus rau tus neeg tsim nyog rau qhov koj xav tau.

27. How can I stay updated?

Lub Vibrant & Cov Zej Zog Muaj Sib Luag page on McKnight’s website is the best place to find the latest information. You can also sign up to receive updates about our work.

Rov qab mus rau sab saum toj