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Generation Investment Management views sustainability as an organizing imperative of the new global economy. And since our initial investment it's been the best performing equity fund in the McKnight Endowment.

$25 million originated in 2014                                 $50 million added in 2017

Generation explores the economic opportunities arising from a planet under pressure, capitalizing on trends such as the growth of cities, water scarcity, and the imperative to stop climate change. It identifies well managed, well priced companies that will thrive in the long term. This was our first "impact" manager to graduate to a full allocation in the endowment.

MSCI World.

Asset Owner

Financial Returns*: Strong risk-adjusted returns, portfolio of $90 million as of Q3: 2017

*The returns are that which our portfolio has experienced as at 9/30/17

Peer Investor

1. The impact investing program can be a stage for auditioning new fund managers. McKnight "graduated" Generation to our endowment by tripling our investment ( see blog )

2. Generation conveened a fascinating dialog with Twin Cities investors about the future of sustainable mobility. Our grantmaking staff joined investors and got a fresh perspective on business opportunities that will occur as electric and self driving vehicles grow market share.

As of November 2017

Photo Credits: (Top) Courtesy of Generation

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