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Farmers in the Huancavelica region in the Peruvian Andes explore native potato varieties resistant to the changing climate. Photo credit: Grupo Yanapai

Global Collaboration for Resilient Food Systems

Program Goal: Cultivate resilient food systems globally by bridging farmer-centered agroecological research, action, and influence.

The Global Collaboration for Resilient Food Systems (CRFS)—formerly called the Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP)—works to ensure a world where all have access to nutritious food that is sustainably produced by local people. We do this through collaborative agroecological systems research and knowledge-sharing that strengthen the capacities of smallholder farmers, research institutes, and development organizations.

Our Approach: We take a holistic, ecosystem approach to agriculture, supporting research and partnerships that lead to increased crop productivity, improved livelihoods, better nutrition, and increased equity. We focus our support in three communities of practice in 10 countries located in the high Andes and Africa. We leverage relationships, networks, and evidence to advance deep transformations in local, regional, and global food systems. Learn more.

Please note: The program has an invite-only application process with occasional thematic open calls. Requests for funding are only accepted from those invited to apply or in response to thematic open calls. Learn more.

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