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Join the Climate Philanthropy Movement: Conversation with Noa Staryk

National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP), who offers resources and guidance for members looking to accelerate climate change solutions, recently sat down with Noa Staryk, board chair at McKnight Foundation, to learn more about our approach to climate philanthropy. From grantmaking to investment strategies, Noa provides sharp insights and inspiration for other funders looking to …

McKnight Supports Climate-Smart Farming with Second-Quarter Grants

The McKnight Foundation Midwest Climate & Energy program focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, at scale, as quickly as possible in the Midwest. In the last year, the program has been expanding support for climate solutions on natural and working lands—our rangelands, farms, and forestlands—that support life and livelihoods, recognizing that we need to partner …

Seth Gagnon

Seth Gagnon joined McKnight in June of 2022 as systems engineer with the Information Technology team. In this role, he ensures the stability and success of several platforms, including VPN, Office365, Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, and wireless. Seth has worked in service to McKnight since July 2021 as a contract systems engineer, and helped the …