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2020 Artist Fellowship Award Announcements

Our partner organizations announce the 2020 McKnight Artist Fellowship winners on a rolling basis. We post them here shortly after they become available. Then, after all the winners have been announced, we will update this list of current fellows.

ACF Logo

2020 McKnight Composer Fellows and McKnight Visiting Composers Announced

Award Winners: Kathy McTavish, Ted Olsen, David Seru, Anat Spiegel
Visiting Composers: Nathan Hall and Angélica Negrón

The Cowless Center Logo

Six Minnesota dance artists selected for 2020 McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers and Dancers

Award Winners: Melissa Clark (Dancer), Non Edwards (Dancer), HIJACK-Arwen Wilder and Kristin Van Loon (Choreographer), Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy (Choreographer), Karen Sherman (Choreographer), and Marciano Silva dos Santos (Dancer)

Film North logo

Announcing the 2020 McKnight Media Artist Fellows

Award Winners: David J. Buchanan, Cy Dodson, Karen Frank, and Missy Whiteman

Highpoint Center for Printmaking Logo

2020 McKnight Printmaking Fellowship

Award Winners: Drew Peterson and Mike Marks

The Loft Logo

The Loft Literary Center Announces Recipients of the 2020 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers

Award Winners: Blythe Baird, Jacob Lindberg, Lauren Stringer, Michael Torres, and Claire Wahmanholm

Macphail Center For Music Logo

MacPhail Center For Music Honors Four of Minnesota’s Top Musicians with $25,000 McKnight Musician Fellowship

Award Winners: Jose Antonio Zayas Caban, PaviElle French, Diane Miller aka D. Mills, and Kirsten Whitson.


2020 McKnight Fellowships for Visual Artists

Award Winners: Eric J. Garcia, Seitu Ken Jones, Catherine Meier, Teo Nguyen, Meg Ojala, and Maria Cristina Tavera (“Tina”)

MN Center for Book Arts Logo

Announcing Our 2020 McKnight Book Artist Fellows

Award Winners: Paula McCartney and Lisa Nebenzahl

Northern Clay Center logo

Announcing the Recipients of the 2020 McKnight Artist Fellowship and Residency for Ceramic Artists Awards

2020 McKnight Artist Fellowships: Andrea Leila Denecke and Brad Menninga
2020 McKnight Artist Residencies: Ashwini Bhat, Edith Garcia, Tom Hubbard, and Roberta Massuch

Playwrights Center

Announcing the 2020-2021 McKnight National Residency and Commission and 2020-2021 McKnight Fellowships in Playwriting

2020-2021 McKnight National Residency and Commission Recipient: Gracie Gardner
2020-2021 McKnight Fellowship in Playwriting Recipients: Marvin González De León and Savannah Reich
2020-2021 McKnight Fellowship Theater Artist Fellows Recipients: Kurt Kwan and Abbee Warmboe

Textile Center Logo

2020 McKnight Fellowships for Fiber Artists

Award Winners: Liz Miller and Eun-Kyung Suh

Topic: Arts & Culture, The McKnight Artist Fellowships

June 2020