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2022 Artist Fellowship Award Announcements

Our partner organizations announce the 2022 McKnight Artist Fellowship winners on a rolling basis. We post them here shortly after they become available. Then, after all the winners have been announced, we will update this list of current fellows.

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2022 McKnight Composer Fellows and McKnight Visiting Composers Announced

Award Winners: McKnight Fellowships for Composers – Mitchell BercierMary Ellen ChildsQueen Drea, and Reinaldo Moya.; McKnight Visiting Composer Residency grantees – Byron Au Yong (Palm Springs, CA) and Victor Márquez-Barrios (Kirksville, MO)

Announcing the 2022 McKnight Media Artist Fellows

Award Winners: Melissa Brandt, Tahiel Jimenez Medina, Tom Schroeder, and Kang Vang

Congratulations to the 2022 McKnight Culture Bearer Fellows

Award Winners: Amoke Kubat, Jim Simas, Kathryn Haddad, and Suzanne Thao

Pillsbury House Theatre

Announcing the 2022 McKnight Community-Engaged Artist Fellows

Award Winners: Douglas R. Ewart and Olivia Levins Holden

Highpoint Center for Printmaking Logo

2022 McKnight Printmaking Fellows

Award Winners: Amy Sands and Nicole Sara Simpkins

Announcing Our 2022 McKnight Book Artist Fellows

Award Winners: CB Sherlock and Corinne Teed

Meet the 2022 McKnight Fiber Artist Fellows

Award Winners: Moira Bateman and Blair Treuer

Congratulations to the 2022 Mcknight Choreographer And Dancer Fellows

Award Winners: Leila Awadallah (dancer), Leslie Parker (choreography), Pedra Pepa (choreography), Sharon Picasso (dancer), Rosy Simas (choreography), and Cheng Xiong (dancer)

Playwrights’ Center and McKnight Foundation Announce Residency and Commission, Fellowship Awards

Award Winners: Sharon Bridgforth (McKnight National Residency and Commission), TyLie Shider and Katie Ka Vang (McKnight Fellowship in Playwriting Recipients)

Playwrights’ Center and McKnight Foundation Announce the McKnight Theater Artist Fellows

Award Winners: Meghan Kreidler, Greta Oglesby, and Wendy Weckwerth


McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship

Award Winners: Ruthann Godollei, Pao Houa Her, Amanda Lovelee, Lamar Peterson, Emmett Ramstad, and Jonathan Thunder

McKnight Musician Fellowship Grants Four of the State’s Top Musicians with $25,000 Award

Award Winners: Jaye Sinkfield aka DIVAJ, Rebecca Merblum, Paula Gudmundson, Lewis McCaleb aka Lewiee Blaze.

The Loft Literary Center Announces Recipients of the 2022 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers

Award Winners: Dr. Artika Tyner (children’s literature); K.W. Jackson (spoken word);  Douglas Kearney (poet), Preeti Kaur
Rajpal (poet), and Chavonn Shen (poet)

Topic: Arts & Culture, The McKnight Artist Fellowships

July 2022