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GroundBreak Hosts Community Briefing

This spring, GroundBreak Coalition was launched—a group of more than 25 (and growing) corporate, civic, and philanthropic leaders committed to demonstrating that, with enough resources, a racially equitable and carbon-neutral future is possible now. The coalition aims to activate at least $2 billion in flexible dollars over 10 years and deploy it across four areas: homeownership, rental housing, commercial development, and BIPOC entrepreneurship.

Watch the Community Briefing

GroundBreak Coalition partners, including McKnight Foundation, US Bank, Bush Foundation, the Center for Economic Inclusion, and Hennepin County co-hosted a briefing on July 19, 2022 to provide an overview of GroundBreak and its goals, share more about who is involved and what’s next, and answer community questions. Click play below to watch the briefing.

Learn More About GroundBreak

GroundBreak is not a fund—it’s about fundamental change. It’s about making financial tools, products and capital available to those who have been excluded and limited from accessing them. It’s also about doing the deeper, longer work of disrupting the status quo, unraveling policies and biases embedded in our collective systems, and closing Minnesota’s racial wealth gap. To learn more, click here to view our FAQ.

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July 2022