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The McKnight Foundation Supports Open Civic Conversations

We stand only a few weeks out from an election on Nov. 2. Early voting started in September, and many voters have already cast their ballots. We believe it’s critical that all community members have access to the democratic process.

As a private foundation, McKnight neither supports nor opposes any specific candidates or any pending legislation or ballot initiative questions. In Minneapolis, and elsewhere, we have not supported or opposed specific police reform proposals—nor would a grantee’s position on that be a reason for us to renew or discontinue funding them. We fund nonprofit partners that help us meet our various program goals in the arts, neuroscience research, international crop research, Midwest climate leadership, and creating more equitable communities in Minnesota. We make funding decisions based on whether they present compelling ideas that advance those goals and if they meet all our basic funding guidelines and align with our values, which we make as transparent as possible in all of our communications.

While we can’t take a specific position on any ballot measures, we do support our communities having tough and candid civic conversations about how to address critical issues such as public safety. This is vitally important to the future of Minneapolis, and we need to develop the civic muscle to respectfully bring our best selves and our best ideas to develop thoughtful solutions that have the most positive impact for our communities.

Regardless of any election outcomes on November 2nd and beyond, McKnight will continue our mission to create a more just, creative, and abundant future where people and planet thrive. We will also continue to advocate for people of different perspectives to forge solutions in the best interest of all.

October 2021