Grace Frederickson joined McKnight in June of 2015 as the accounting assistant with the Finance department, and currently serves as junior accountant. In this role, Grace manages the expense and travel functions at McKnight, which has included streamlining the accounts payable process, transforming the function to paperless, implementing a new credit card program, and overhauling the expense processing system. Additionally, Grace has served as the team lead for the Foundation’s DEI workgroup and the primary training contact for the new chart of accounts. She helped McKnight shift to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and shepherded the finance team through a staff transition.

Grace has spent her career in accounting in a variety of roles and business sectors. She enjoys the variety and constant opportunity to learn, grow, and experiment. Prior to McKnight, she spent three years at the organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry, as a revenue accountant.

Grace was born and raised in Oklahoma and moved to Minneapolis in 2010. She received her BA from the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism, majoring in Electronic Media (with an emphasis on filmmaking and audio journalism). Though an unlikely pair, she’s found a valuable intersection between the field of accounting and her training in skilled communication and storytelling. Grace enjoys and seeks out opportunities to teach, train, explain, make complex ideas digestible, and organize information in relevant and relatable ways.

When she’s not at McKnight, Grace can be found exploring her love of movement through sports, dance, yoga, or exploring the great outdoors.