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Tiến tới một tương lai công bằng hơn, sáng tạo và phong phú hơn, nơi con người và hành tinh phát triển mạnh

Dipankar Mukherjee Named 2023 Distinguished Artist

Dipankar Mukherjee is a driving force in theater, and has earned a reputation as a director committed to social justice, equity, and de-colonized practices in theater-making.

Defending Diversity in Education

McKnight Foundation president Tonya Allen and over 45 peer philanthropic organizations respond to the SCOTUS affirmative action ruling.

Gaining Proximity and Connection

Sharing Vibrant & Equitable Communities program efforts to build trust, learn with and from community, and be accountable to those we aim to serve.

Delivering Historic Progress

Steadfast organizing and hard work this legislative session secured investments and policy solutions to make Minnesota a better place for everyone.

Strengthening Our Community of Learning

McKnight convenes national leaders to inform our Climate and Communities programs.

Building Just and Sustainable Global Food Systems

The Global Collaboration for Resilient Food Systems builds on our deep roots in local communities to create a groundswell of global impact.

Taking Bold and Equitable Climate Action

McKnight announces the refined goal and strategic pathways for the Midwest Climate & Energy program.

Hợp lý hóa việc tài trợ

McKnight đang thay đổi cách chúng tôi thực hiện việc tài trợ để tạo ra một quy trình công bằng, hợp lý và linh hoạt hơn cho các đối tác nhận tài trợ của chúng tôi.

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