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Ten Thousand Things

Ten Thousand Things

Ten Thousand Things (TTT) invigorates ancient tales, classic stories, and contemporary plays through vital, open interactions between actors and non-traditional audiences. An artist-centered company, TTT produces lively, intelligent plays in venues around Minnesota, including community centers, shelters and correctional facilities. With minimal sets, multirole casting and no lighting or theatrical effects, TTT relies on exceptional actors to tell a story and create an experience.

Performers relish the opportunity to work in such intimate and demanding settings. In turn, TTT keeps its artists foremost in mind. Without a building or large staff infrastructure to maintain, TTT prioritizes support for artists. Wages are competitive with the region’s largest theaters, an accomplishment TTT is fiercely proud of. Its commitment to artists make it a compelling fit for McKnight’s interest in supporting small and midsized arts organizations.

The work resonates with audiences, many of whom do not see other theater performances. Plays are often universal stories that transcend perceptions of class, race, education, and life experience. After seeing TTT’s My Fair Lady, one audience member wrote, “I cannot tell you how much my family and I loved My Fair Lady. We all agreed that it was the best, most real, gritty, well-cast performance of this musical we had ever seen. I have told everyone I have encountered since seeing it that they must see this show.” After seeing Man of La Mancha, another said, “None of us were familiar with the original musical, but were so impressed –as always at TTT shows—by how effectively the small cast, with limited costumes and props, can capture the humor, drama, and music to totally transport the audience.”

Topic: Arts & Culture

October 2012