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What Can Happen When Citizens Stand Up for Clean Water

Midwest Environmental Advocates

Midwest Environmental Advocates is a nonprofit, nonpartisan law center that works for healthy water, air, land and government for this generation and the next. Based in Wisconsin, MEA helps citizens use the power of the law to defend clean drinking water, healthy wetlands, meaningful public participation in decisionmaking, and open and accountable government.

At the top of the Mississippi River watershed, Wisconsin is and has always been uniquely poised to be a leader in balancing economic development with environmental protection. This requires cooperation among government, industry and agriculture, and the public. With the support of the McKnight Foundation, MEA provides the legal and technical assistance to empower citizens to hold the line on decades of progress made after the passage of laws like the Clean Water Act. Now more than ever, citizens need to be leaders in holding government, industry and agriculture accountable for meaningful sustainability and environmental protection.

Midwest Environmental Advocates is proud to stand with everyday champions of the natural resources we share. Learn more about our work at

Topic: Mississippi River

January 2015