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McKnight Artist Fellowships

Individual working artists help to make our communities flourish.

Support for individual artists has been a focus of the McKnight Foundation’s Arts program since its inception. We believe that the arts cannot flourish or enhance community life without the ideas, energy, and drive of individual artists, and that artists cannot make these contributions without unfettered creative time. A fellowship can help an artist set aside periods of time for study, reflection, experimentation, and exploration; take advantage of an opportunity; or work on a new project.

How to Apply

Contact one of our fellowship program partners below for discipline-specific deadlines, guidelines, and further information.

Ceramic Artists

Northern Clay Center

Fellowships: Two 25,000 Awards
Residencies: $5,000 for a 3-month residency in Minnesota, plus $300 for a public workshop.


The Cowles Center

Fellowships: Three $25,000 awards.


American Composers Forum

Fellowships: Four $25,000 awards, plus one month at an artist residency site.
Residencies: $15,000 for a two-month residency in Minnesota.


The Cowles Center

Fellowships: Three $25,000 awards.

Media Artists


Fellowships: Four $25,000 awards.


MacPhail Center for Music

Fellowships: Four $25,000 awards, plus an optional $2,500 each for a community project. Five additional finalists receive $1,000 for audition.


The Playwrights’ Center

Fellowships: Two $25,000 awards.
National residency and commission: $12,500 award for a residency in Minnesota.

Theater Artists

The Playwrights’ Center

Fellowships: Three $25,000 awards to actors, directors, theatrical designers, and others whose main body of work is primarily an element of theater production.

Visual Artists

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Fellowships: Eight $25,000 awards.


The Loft

Fellowships: Four $25,000 awards to writers of poetry or prose in alternating years. One award of $25,000 to a writer of children’s literature.